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Water Vole Wake Bait 

The Water Vole wake bait is a bass fishing lure that was designed to be waked on the surface or swam just under the surface. A steady retrieve with a twitch of the rod every now and then is all you need to get bit. Fish it slow or fast around rip rap, logs, lay downs and grass. It catches two pounders and eight pounders all in the same day around any type of cover. It's hand poured and crafted with the finest components in the Cl8 Bait laboratory. This bait was designed by Gabe Bolivar with the idea of hunting for the kicker fish while it’s busy filling your limit. Get out there and tie one on you won’t be disappointed.

Handmade in the U.S.A

Water Vole Wake Bait Specs:

Sink Rate: Wake Bait
Weight: 1oz
Body Length: 4"
Overall Length: 8"
Recommended Rod: 7' heavy 
Recommended Line: 15-20 pound mono

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