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The CL8BAIT 5” Glider swimbait is a bite sized snack for monster bass. The Glider is equipped with 3 ultra sharp treble hooks attached to built in swivels which allows them to rotate a full 360 degrees. This helps the Glider ensure the highest hook up and land ratio. The glider is slow sinking and when fished with a slow retrieve, it naturally generates an “S” pattern that drives predatory fish wild. Small twitches of the reel handle cause the Glider to generate erratic side to side movement, perfectly mimicking the action of a wounded bait fish. The Glider is built with the highest quality materials and components to ensure maximum durability. 

The 5” glider is a perfect sized swimbait for any competitive fisherman looking for that big kicker fish, all while attracting bites to max out any limit. The Glider's natural action also makes it the ideal swimbait for the beginner fisherman looking to land their personal best.


 Sink rate: Slow Sink
 Weight: 1oz
 Length: 5”
 Recommended Rod: 7’ med/heavy
 Recommended Line: 12-15lb fluorocarbon