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Click here for Baby Muskrat Replacement Tails.

The Baby Muskrat is the ultimate finesse wake bait, that also has the benefit of being fished sub-surface! Wake it super slow on the surface, or fish it fast to make it dive like a crank bait!

The Baby Muskrat's superior durability and ultra-realistic swim pattern results in explosive strikes around rip rap, docks, trees, lay downs, and grass!

The extremely sharp hooks are attached to built-in swivels that rotate 360 degrees so monster fish wont come unbuttoned. The tail can quickly be replaced with the quick screw on tail replacement system, to get you back to catching giants!


Baby Muskrat Wake Bait Specs. 

Sink Rate: Wake Bait
Average Depth: Surface/Sub-Surface
Weight: 1/2oz
Body Length: 3 Inch
Overall Length: 6"
Recommended Rod: 7' Medium Heavy 
Recommended Line: 12lb mono