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Adult Possum Wake Bait

The 8” Possum is made out of hard material which produces a knocking sound that calls up big fish, and produces more strikes. The extremely durable carbon fiber bill creates a lot of action which is amplified through to the tail producing an ultra realistic swimming action. The hinge section is reverse cut so the back section of the bait catches more water and produces more action, which also creates an enormous wake. The Owner 3/0 treble hooks are attached by swivels so it moves independently of the bait to keep fish on during the fight. A coil spring attaches the tail to the bait making a much more durable connection between the bait and the tail. If the tail ever rips off another tail can be easily screwed into place so you don’t have to waste time with glue. The body of the Possum measures 8”, and the overall length including the tail is 16”. The Possum weighs 7.5oz.

Hand made in the U.S.A

Sink Rate: Wake Bait
Weight: 7.5oz
Body Length: 8"
Overall Length: 16"
Recommended Rod: 7'11" Heavy Swimbait Rod
Recommended Line: 25-pound mono

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