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Here at Cl8bait I strive to make your experience as perfect as possible. If you ever have any problems with your Cl8bait products I want to be the first to know about it. I stand behind all my products, and I will either fix or replace defective lures. I am able to do this because my lures are rarely defective.

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Why Cl8bait are the Best Fishing Lures on the Market

High Quality Fishing Lures You can Bank On

Here at CL8bait, we produce the hottest bass fishing lures on the market. Let’s face it there are hundreds of bass fishing lures out there now. What was once thought out to be a huge fishing secret is now a staple in the tackle arsenal of all serious anglers.

Rather than create just another swimbait, here at CL8bait, we've chosen to draw on our personal love for swimbait fishing to create unique bait designs that are irresistible to big fish. Loaded with some of the best hooks on the market, our Cl8bait quality lures have made a lasting impression in the premium swimbait market. Our baits mimic real life bass, trout, bluegill, mice, voles, possums, and more.

Why Choose Our Fishing Lures:

All our quality lures at Cl8bait are designed in our exclusive Cl8bait Laboratory and they can be reeled in quick or slow to catch both lazy fish as well as those aggressive  fish.

All baits are constructed with  heavy-duty hardware.  

We have been making quality swim baits for well over 15 years.  

After extensive research we have decided to produce all our lures using high-quality plastics, and urethanes for unparalleled durability.  

Our lures consist of high quality sharp hooks.  

The realistic paint is extremely durable with 2 coats of high quality paint.  

The 5” and 7” clackers come with a special tail hook to catch those frustrating fish that tend to only catch or eat the tail.  

Our Cl8bait quality lures are uniquely designed with the hooks attached to swivels so the hooks move independently of the bait to make it harder for fish to throw the hook during the fight.  

With the fine tuned body design and perfect weight ratio, these lures keep their action and are always perfectly tuned.

Our goal is to offer both the recreational and professional fishermen a reliable source of top quality fishing lures and related equipment at affordable prices. We ensure to provide the best prices found online. Besides, we offer our customers with valuable fishing information that's handy, up to date, reliable, and accessible.

We are constantly adding new Cl8bait quality lures to our website. We are always available to handle any special orders for lures as requested by our esteemed customers.

Shop our quality lures and go fishing with new sense of confidence and excitement.

Contact us now for more information on how to select the right lure for your next fishing expedition or hunt.