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The Mighty Mouse lure

The Mighty Mouse lure is a revolutionary bite sized wake bait that creates an ultra realistic presentation. When reeled slowly it produces a wake, like a fleeing mouse on the surface of the water, generating explosive strikes. The built in swivel attached to the hook keeps the fish on during the fight. The tail is screwed into the body, for quick and easy tail replacements.  

Mighty Mouse Lure Specs:

Sink Rate: Wake Bait
Weight: 3/4 oz
Body Length: 2.25"
Overall Length: 6"
Recommended Rod: 7' medium/heavy
Recommended Line: 15 pound mono

Mighty Mouse Lure

Why Fish a Mouse Lure? 

Primarily made for bass fishing, CL8Bait's Mighty Mouse lure has amazing success when fished around trees, and bushes. The realistic wiggling action of this mighty mouse creates a subtle wake, much like a little fleeing mouse on the surface of the water. A built-in swivel is attached to the hook of this Mighty Mouse, and it keeps the fish on throughout the fight. Currently, you can choose from either brown, bone white, green pumpkin black, gray, and black.  The total length of the Mighty Mouse bait is 6” with a 2.25 inch Body and it weighs ¾ oz.